Chief’s Corner

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Our fire department takes great pride in the services we provide to our community and the surrounding area. We have been serving the City of East Dubuque for over 125 years. Our members believe in remembering the sacrifices of the members that came before us and strive to make the future better for the Fire and EMS personnel that will help the future generations of East Dubuque.

I am very fortunate to lead a group of professional personnel that are willing to not only attend in house training but also attend numerous classes and training sessions on weekends to hone their skills to serve our customers better. The members of the East Dubuque Fire Department are very dedicated individuals that spend numerous hours away from their families to attend training sessions and respond to emergency incidents, so if you see one of these individuals make sure to thank them for dedication to the community.

In closing, if you or anyone that you may know is interested in joining our ranks we are always looking for dedicated people to become fire and emergency medical services personnel.

Be Safe!!
Joseph M. Heim
Fire Chief